Light & Shoot - 50 Fashion Photos

Eng | PDF | 144 pages | 129 MB

What follows in this book is an inspirational and practical guide to shooting fashion in
a wide range of styles and settings, with the emphasis on the use of lighting, rather
than digital processing, to create a specific look or feel.

Light & Shoot - 50 Fashion Photos
Light & Shoot - 50 Fashion Photos
Light & Shoot - 50 Fashion Photos
Light & Shoot - 50 Fashion Photos
Light & Shoot - 50 Fashion Photos

Some of the images you will love, while others you may not be quite so keen on, but what they all have is a
“spark”—a certain something that should serve to inspire you and your work, be it
the pose, the approach to post-processing, or the lighting. With that in mind, you
certainly shouldn’t approach this book as a set of “blueprints” to creating definitive
fashion shots, but instead treat it as a guide to techniques that can be borrowed,
adapted, and repurposed for your own work. Make the shots your own and, from
there, who knows where your fashion photography will take you.

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