Figure Drawing For All Its Worth

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Let us try to define that quality which makes
an artist "tick.” Every bit of work he docs starts
out with the premise that it has a message, a pur-
pose, a job to do. What is the most direct answer,
the simplest interpretation of that message he
can make? Stripping a subject to its barest and
most efficient essentials is a mental procedure.
Every inch of the surface of his work should be
considered as to whether it bears important re-
lationship to a whole purpose. He sees, and his
picture tells us the importance of what he sees
and how he feels about it. Then within his pic-
ture he stresses what is of greatest importance,
and subordinates what must l>e there but is of
lesser importance. He will place his area of great-
est contrast about the head of the most im-
portant character. (OCR)

Figure Drawing For All Its Worth
Figure Drawing For All Its Worth
Figure Drawing For All Its Worth
Figure Drawing For All Its Worth
Figure Drawing For All Its Worth

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