Art and Love in Renaissance Italy

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Clasped hands; couples in facing profile; garlands of
myrtle; the words fede (faith) and volo (I wish to):
these are graphic declarations of love and fidelity that
grace Renaissance art.

Art and Love in Renaissance Italy
Art and Love in Renaissance Italy
Art and Love in Renaissance Italy
Art and Love in Renaissance Italy
Art and Love in Renaissance Italy
Art and Love in Renaissance Italy

Conjuring up elements of contemporary
marriage ritual and tokens of amorous exchange, they afford an
unparalleled insight into private life in Renaissance Italy. At the
same time, knowledge of the rituals of Renaissance love and mar-
riage in all their variety can inform our understanding of the
maiolica, glassware, paintings, and the objects in a multitude of
other media on which such imagery appears. In this exhibition
we have attempted to gather the broadest possible array of art-
work designed to commemorate betrothals, marriages, and the
arrival of children, as well as the celebration of less official ardent
attachments. The range is impressive—extending from birth trays
painted at the beginning of the fifteenth century through large
canvases on mythological themes by Titian in the mid-sixteenth
century—but each work of art would have been recognized by
contemporary viewers for its function within the private, domes-
tic domain.

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