The Art Behind The Headshot

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During my past career as a model, I became well aware of the importance of conveying interesting facial expressions while being photographed. From the moment I picked up a camera I decided that this must be the crux of my work and I have been honing this craft of coaching my subjects to produce realistic and flattering facial expressions ever since.

The Art Behind The Headshot

In The Art Behind The Headshot I'll not only teach you invaluable technical photographic knowhow, but also will delve into ways of noticing the subtleties of the human face that attract us to certain people and images. With this knowledge any photographer should be able to coach anyone in front of their camera to produce the best images their clients have ever experienced. Some of the topics covered in this 4 hour intensive tutorial include:

The Art Behind The Headshot
The Art Behind The Headshot
The Art Behind The Headshot
The Art Behind The Headshot
The Art Behind The Headshot
The Art Behind The Headshot
The Art Behind The Headshot
The Art Behind The Headshot

*Starting Your Business From Scratch
*Natural Light vs Studio Light
*The Peter Hurley Signature Look
*Shadowed Lighting For Men
*Alternative Studio Lighting (Strobes)
*Camera Gear
*Understanding The Human Face (Mouth, Eyes, Eyebrows, and Body Position)
*Coaching and Facial Expression
*Creating Different “Looks” During Each Session


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Art, Behind, Headshot

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